Enjoy the Advantages of High-Tech Dentistry

Your teeth will be in capable hands at ProDental in Fishkill, NY

Your busy contemporary lifestyle demands the most technologically advanced approach to dentistry. That’s why we have equipped the ProDental office with the latest technology. From improved dental tools to x-ray and crown machines, your oral needs are covered. All exams and procedures are performed by a highly-trained, experienced solo practitioner.

Reduce Your Exposure with Digital X-Ray Imaging

Our digital X-ray imaging in Fishkill, NY uses less than 1/8 of the x-ray dosage of a conventional machine. In addition to reducing exposure, it is also much more effective. The resulting panoramic machine reveals your entire mouth, allowing the dentist to get more accurate information from each image. This treatment tool ensures better care at each visit and may shed light on looming problems that we can work to alleviate.

Getting a crown can take weeks at other Fishkill, NY dental offices. That's why ProDental invested in our own same-day crown machine. You can return to normal living once that crown is in place, and you won't need to spend weeks chewing carefully around a temporary crown.

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